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Practice Test Questions with RapidQuizzer!

Practice anytime, anywhere with RapidQuizzer – your online practice tool to maximize your time, reinforce your learning, and increase your confidence in passing your exams.

Practice on your way to work and in your office breaks. Use your idle time – while waiting for the bus, your date, or your turn in the queue. Don't have to miss that important match of your favorite sport or latest episode of reality TV – work on a question or two while an advert is annoying you.

The RQ Practice: Smart Content on a Smart Interface

Smart Content

RapidQuizzer addresses every learning objective in your curriculum and comb through every important concept in your readings.  It is direct to the point – asks you bite-size questions with answers short and sweet for stronger and longer retention.  Its no-frills Q&As rapidly quiz you with compact questions that maximize coverage in less time.  It also includes integrative questions, covers both theory and application, and in some cases unintentionally teases your brain.

Smart Interface

Rapidquizzer lets you target practice according to your stage of preparation: define question pools by challenge level (Easy to Advanced) or scope (by Subject, Topic, or Concept).  Receive performance feedback you can slice and dice any which way so you clearly understand your strong and weak areas.  Add notes to a question, review your mistakes, or even share a question in a study group.  Rapidquizzer renders nicely on your mobile devices too – iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or what have you – so you can practice in your downtime or on the go.

With RQ practice, no question is left behind.

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